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Customize your vacation and be in control throughout it.
Choose the period, set the destination and the yacht you want, gather your friends or family and set the tone for the fun.

Plan your dream vacation!
Complete story pages in your travel journal and be in total control of its details. Choose the right date for you, set the destination together with one of our experienced skippers and let's raise the sails together! Explore gorgeous islands and bays at your own pace, create your own setting for a romantic dinner or an ATV ride with friends. We will create a relaxing but also dynamic environment for you, the boats being equipped with absolutely everything necessary for a pleasant cruise and you will have the ultimate balance between turquoise waters, local flavors and fun.
Get your friends on the boat and join the flotilla!
Whether you are alone, a small group or a larger group, join us on a unique cruise, with a superlative atmosphere and a carefully chosen route. Whichever option you choose, fun is guaranteed and you can let yourself be carried away by the wave together with our team and the other guests. We all have the same goal ... a week full of activities and water sports, indulge in local flavors and landscapes just like in those ads on social media. And of course, many pictures!

Customize !

The best days are spent at sea!
Organize a different kind of TEAM BUILDING or a themed trip with your group! Rent one or more boats and we recommend a professional "Sailing Life Journey" skipper. Our experience and professionalism leave their mark in everything we do. We guarantee you the best boats and access to personalized prices. Our knowledge and logistics are carefully developed and according to the current times.

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